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SMHS Academic Administration

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01. - SMHS


  • Coordinate accreditation or re-accreditation of the academic programs of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences before national and international organizations.
  • Coordinate the design of the school’s academic programs for both professional and graduate levels, including design, continuing education, concentrations, and /or international versions.
  • Coordinate the formalization of agreements for joint degrees with universities, as well as collaborations and strategic alliances with prestigious universities, research centers, and hospitals, to promote the internationalization of the professional degrees and graduate programs of the School of Medicine.
  • Select students according to the school’s professional degree entry requirements.
  • Promote the use of educational technology and training offerings for the development of teaching skills.
  • Conduct educational research to improve learning in health courses.
  • Provide support for the evaluation of academic indicators and monitoring plans of action, both those determined by the school and those suggested by other internal or external bodies.
  • Promote ethics, professionalism, and citizenship values in a curricular or co-curricular manner, from the internal and institutional perspective.
  • Ensure that the Library has the bibliographic resources in physical and/or digital form for the health programs. 
  • Provide information technology and technology resource management services to teachers and students for a comprehensive education.
  • Provide support for the evaluation of senior staff, professors, programs, and student skills.

02. - SMHS

Student Assistance and Development 

Promotional activities

Lectures are given on the trends in Health Sciences so that those who are interested can gain a broad perspective on the growth options provided by our five majors.  As well as tours of our different facilities.

Student support and counseling (Tutoring)

Medical degrees are highly demanding and can promote the accumulation of stress and cause states of anguish in students, resulting in an inability to exploit 100 % of their potential. Therefore, this department offers a listening space so that our students can perform adequately and adapt more quickly to their new academic demands. 

Assignments for Students in Scholarship Service

Our students who have some type of academic scholarship must complete 5 hours per week of scholarship service. All these students are assigned to the Department of Student Assistance and Development. They are usually assigned to teachers and researchers from our School so that they can participate in different activities. In this way, they not only fulfill an obligation, but it also becomes a learning space, since they are collaborating with different health professionals. 

Propaedeutic Course

Every year, the weekend before classes begin, a two-day propaedeutic course is offered, where new students are given the necessary tools so that they can adapt quickly to the educational model of the school. Additionally, this space allows them to interact with each other before classes. 

Professional Commitment Ceremony 

An event in which the students take an oath on their commitment as future health professionals, as well as receiving their first lecture, always provided by a special guest.  

Contact Information

Lic. Melvin Delgado  Director of the Department of Student Assistance and Development  Tel. +52 81.8358.2000 ext. 5301

Library and Digital Information in Health

03. - SMHS

Library and Digital Information in Health 

The Department of the Library and Digital Information in Health has the task of managing, updating, and maintaining the resources and information services offered, in various formats, to professors, researchers, and students from the different academic programs, undergraduate, graduate, and specialty.

It offers training and orientation services to users, to promote the best use of different information resources in different formats. 

Maintains constant contact with users, through various social networks and other internal communication media, to determine their information needs. To accomplish this, the Department of the Library and Digital information in Health provides users with the most modern tools to facilitate access to information and data retrieval, whether they are part of the Department's information resources or are outside resources.  

Contact Information

Angélica Navarro Serment MLIS Department of Library and Digital Information in Health  Tel. *52 81.8888.2074

Mrs. Petra Sánchez Collazo  Secretary, technical processes, cataloging

Mr. Rubén Eduardo Rodríguez Castillo  Circulation, collation, reference, user assistance

César Gerardo Salas Osorio  Circulation, collation, reference, user assistance

Clinical Simulation

04. - SMHS

Clinical Simulation

Medical simulation is an innovative teaching technique that reinforces the student’s knowledge through the design and execution of clinical scenarios or situations where they can maximize their critical reasoning and decision-making in 100% safe and controlled environments, under a patient-centered learning and competency system. We have low, medium, and high-fidelity simulators where they can carry out, from isolated procedures to the complete management of emergency, pediatrics, and obstetrics cases, among others.  

The task of the Department of Clinical Simulation is to allow Medical students, both undergraduate and graduate, and those from other careers in the health area, to carry out various activities and complex cases to improve their level of learning, teamwork, ethical management, assertive response capacity, and clinical practice. 

Contact Information

Dr. Elena Ríos Barrientos  Director of the Department of Clinical Simulation  81.8888.2060

Eng. Joel Alejandro Martínez Elizondo  Specialist  81.8888.2060

05. - SMHS

Curricular Evaluation and Accreditation 

The Department of Curricular Evaluation and Accreditation supports the quality of the academic programs of the Tecnológico de Monterrey School of Medicine through four processes:

  •  Curriculum Design of new programs in health areas.
  • Curriculum Update of existing programs.
  • Evaluation of academic programs.
  • Accreditation of academic programs before specialized organizations.

Proposal for national linkage

  • CIFRHS (Interinstitutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources in Health) Integration of criteria and documents 
  • ACCREDITATIONS Transfer of processes and documents 
  • TEC 21 Study Programs, Collegial work

How can we help?

  • Inform the Directors of the methodology to create a new program.
  • Advise professors on the design of their course syllabus
  • Support Department Directors on how to modify analytical programs.
  • Facilitate accreditation processes for a medical program and/or specialty.
  • Report on the operation of the Advisory Council of a degree.
  • Support the development of plans to improve a degree or specialty program.

Contact Information

Lic. María de los Ángeles Jiménez Martínez  Director of the Curricular Development Department  Tel. +52 81.8888.2212

Lic. Johanna Lizbeth Valencia Castro  Specialist  Tel. +52 81.8888.2099

Lic. Claudia Pérez Solís  Specialist  Tel. +52 81.8888.2137

06. - SMHS

Information Technology and Telecommunications

The Department of Information Technologies and Telecommunications of the TecSalud School of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Tecnológico de Monterrey has as its fundamental mission to provide technological tools to support the teaching-learning process. The services administered by the department are classified in 2: infrastructure and educational technology. 


  • Wireless network infrastructure for all the academic spaces in the school.
  • Assigning portable computer equipment to full and part-time professors.
  • Renovation of audiovisual equipment in classrooms and laboratories. 
  • Manage the available computer equipment in classrooms and computer rooms.
  • Operation of the technical support department that supports students and employees.

The educational technology projects aim to directly support the teaching-learning process of the medical courses. 

Educational Technology

  • Experimentation with Virtual Reality.
  • 3D printing for academic applications in health.
  • Advice for the development of interactive books.
  • Blackboard content management platform administration.
  • Creation of platforms to strengthen key processes in education.
  • Virtual pathology laboratory.
  • Educational research.
  • Distance education in health.

Contact Information

Eng. Juan Pablo Nigenda  Director of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications  Tel. +52 81.8888.2216

Lic. Roberto Carlos de la Cruz  Specialist  Tel. +52 81.8888.2215

Lic. Paulina De Villa Ovalle  Specialist  Tel. +52 81.8888.2103