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SMHS Library and Digital Information on Health

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Our library has:

  • A collection of about 8,000 volumes of books.
  • A collection of more than 362 CDs and DVDs in health areas.
  • A printed newspaper and periodicals library of more than 90 titles of the most recognized journals of the different specialties.
  • 14 group study cubicles (maximum 6 people).
  • Large computer room with Internet connection.
  • Scanner, printing, photocopying services.
  • Individual study modules with network access and electrical connections. 

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From the portal of the library of the Tecnológico de Monterrey ( you have access to the following services:

Teacher Center: our task at this Center is to accompany and support teachers in their educational work by promoting the optimal use of resources by their students, through the development of information skills.

Additionally, we provide recommendations for the bibliographic strengthening of the challenges designed by the academy.

We also provide personalized advice, workshops, and courses to teachers and students, to keep them updated on the operation of the most relevant tools and sources of information for their area of study. 

  • Writing Center: we contribute to the development and strengthening of communication competence, in Spanish and English, of the members of the academic community of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, adhering to the quality standards required for the dissemination of information and knowledge in different national and international media. 
  • Obtaining documents: we support the community in the search for information and documents not contained in our collections.  
SMHS Library

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Additionally, we offer: 

  • Interlibrary loan with the Tecnológico de Monterrey libraries: this increases the collection considerably, as well as the advantages for the users of all libraries. 
  • Training: individually or in group, in the use of library and digital library resources. We offer this resource in person or virtually.
  • Direct and virtual reference: via Messenger and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The TecSalud School of Medicine and Health Sciences also has its own portal, where we offer curation of information, that is, information specifically selected for certain information needs of each of our academic programs, pages of interest, events, among others. 

This information can be found at

04. - SMHS

Digital library

Our extensive digital collection offers access to various prestigious health science databases, such as:

Access Medicina: access to specialized medical books published by the McGraw-Hill publishing house in Spanish.

It includes quick reference tools such as diagnostic tests, guides, calculators, dictionaries, and multimedia resources for specialized subjects in pharmacology, pathophysiology, emergency medicine, among others.

You can find case studies and self-assessment flashcards.

Access Medicine: McGraw-Hill Publishing e-books featuring the latest medical advances in the basic and clinical sciences.

It offers the possibility of working interactively. Contains multimedia resources, self-assessments, case studies, and diagnostic tools. 

Centro Internacional De Casos (CIC) (International Case Center): success stories and support resources on issues of family businesses, leadership, innovation, planning and control, politics, entrepreneurship, ethics, marketing, among others.

Clinical Key: access to journals, medical books, educational materials, videos, and images from Elsevier publishing in clinical areas.

Cochrane Library - Wiley: a collection of databases on controlled clinical trials in Medicine and other health areas, generated from the Cochrane Collaboration. Contains medical evidence, clinical responses, and other publications. 

Dictionary Of Natural Products: Natural product information resource. It contains formulas, names and synonyms, structures, applications, physical state, references, physical, biological, and chemical properties of chemical substances.

Ebook Central (Ebrary Academic Complete): collection of interactive e-books. Part of the ProQuest One Academic package.

Ebooks Manual Moderno: a collection of some titles from the publisher Manual Moderno.

EBSCO Academic Search Ultimate: Offers a collection of full-text academic journals, periodicals, reports, books, and videos in nearly every discipline, including Astronomy, Anthropology, Biomedicine, Engineering, Health, Law, and Mathematics Literacy, Pharmacology, women's studies, zoology, and more, featured in more than 12,400 full-text journals.

It also offers more than 80,000 Associated Press videos, which appear on a carousel in the hit list. It’s updated monthly and includes archive material from 1930 to the present.

EBSCO Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source: This resource contains an extensive collection of academic journals, books, and full-text monographs for research in dentistry, dental public health, endodontics, surgery, oral and maxillofacial pathology/surgery/radiology, orthodontics, dentistry pediatric, periodontics, and prosthodontics.

EBSCO eBook Academic Collection: a collection of electronic books and audiobooks in various areas of knowledge.

EBSCO Fuente Académica Premier:   contains the full text in various multidisciplinary areas of more than 5,500 periodicals, monographs, reports and conference proceedings, indexing, and abstracts of more than 9,500 journals. 

Eureka: a collection of more than 50 titles of specialized books in Medicine, Physiology, Anatomy, and areas of health sciences, published by the Editorial Médica Panamericana.

Gale Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center: A knowledge portal that provides diverse perspectives and contextual information on today's most controversial issues: immigration, animal testing, the global economy, video games, use of nuclear energy, and more.

This content helps students understand and evaluate the most debated topics in the world.

Journal of Chemical Education: JCE is the official journal of the Division of Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society, and publishes activities content, laboratory experiments, instructional and pedagogical methods around the field of chemistry. 

It facilitates communication between those interested in teaching and learning chemistry, from high school students to professionals and scientists working in commerce and industry. 

*Exclusively at the Mexico City campus.

Jove Science Education: is an innovative library of video collections that teach key concepts and fundamental techniques in science, medicine, and engineering.

Jove Video Journal: JoVe Video Journal publishes video science demonstrations of the latest in world research, in thirteen different fields of science.

Mendeley: reference manager and academic social network that allows you to organize research papers and collaborate with other people online.

Generate bibliographies, import articles from other research programs, and find articles relevant to those consulted by the user.

OECD iLibrary:: a multidisciplinary database of OECD books, reports, yearbooks, statistics, and working documents.

PressReader: a resource that integrates 7 thousand publications from 52 countries in their original language and format (HD). Can be used on mobile devices. It includes more than 200 publications (newspapers and magazines) from Mexico.

ProQuest Academic Video Online: Academic content videos including interviews, documentaries, skits, news shows, shorts, and more.

Part of the ProQuest One Academic package.

ProQuest Central: Part of the ProQuest One Academic package. The multidisciplinary research tool that houses the most consulted databases to create the largest academic resource for research currently available.

The platform allows searches by individual databases to guide the investigation or simultaneous searches to find relevant results and information from other disciplines, due to its easy and intuitive use.

Users can create content alerts, smart searches, related and linked articles.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global: Part of the ProQuest One Academic package. Collection of 2.4 million theses and dissertations from all areas of knowledge. It is the official digital archive of the Library of Congress of the United States.

ProQuest MEDLINE: index of more than 4 thousand key journals in the area of health and medical research.

SAGE Premier: a multidisciplinary collection of academic journals refereed by experts, made up of 930 specialized journals and more than 750,000 full-text articles.

ScienceDirect: Electronic full-text collection of over 2,260 Elsevier scientific journals. It has more than 10 million articles in the scientific, technological and medical areas, which represent approximately 25 percent of the world's scientific production.

SciVal (de Elsevier): Provides quick and easy access to analysis of research performance from 220 countries, 4,600 research institutions, and groups of institutions at the global level.

Scopus: contains abstracts and bibliographic references of peer-reviewed scientific literature, with more than 18,000 titles from 5,000 international publishers.

It allows you to measure research performance: identify the articles by particular authors, track their citations and analyze their influence on the performance of research works by other scientists. 

Taylor and Francis Journals: multidisciplinary resource with international academic publications of current interest. It includes the areas of social sciences and humanities, as well as science and technology.

It also contains Open Access material.

Times Higher Education: magazine specialized in content for the development of educational institutions. It manages university ranking information.

UpToDate: Evidence-based clinical decision support resource. It is continuously updated, presents a comprehensive synthesis of evidence followed by recommendations that can be carried out in the patient care center.

Vision Medica Virtual 3D: atlas of human anatomy in 3D. Eight modules of 3D anatomy, Histology, radiology, Study Guides, Gallery and Terminology 4doctor, and 4nursing.

Web of Science: reference database that offers access to more than 9,200 journals in more than 45 different languages in the fields of science, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Web of Science contains:

  • Book Citation Index
  • Conference and Proceedings Citation Index
  • Incite Journal and Highly Cited Data (JCR/ESI 3 Editions)
  • InCites: Benchmarking & Analytics