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SMHS Support and Financial Services

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01. - SMHS

Support and Financial Services Department 

Its objective is to manage and administer the financial resources of the Technological School of Medicine and Health Sciences, such as budgets, investments, hiring, among others. The supervision of departmental administrative activities and compliance with the process policies and guidelines dictated by the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

02. - SMHS

Contact information

C.P.  Teresa Lozano Lozano  Director of Administration and Finance      Tel. +52 81.8888.0365 ext. 3804

Lic. María Fernanda Pérez Ramírez  Coordinator of Administration and Finance  Tel. +52 81.8888.0365 ext.3802

Ing. Jorge Brandon González Aguirre  Financial Analysis Specialist  Tel. +52 81.8888.0365 ext.3805