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Why study to be a Medical Doctor?

You are a leading and innovative professional in the health field, with a high humanitarian sense and sensitivity to the needs of society.

You solve great challenges and you are constantly seeking to contribute to the health and well-being of the people around you.

At the TecSalud School of Medicine and Health Sciences, we have been transforming virtuous young people into committed health promoters for forty years.

Our educational model is distinguished by its patient-centered innovative methodology, under strict control of clinical sciences learning in public and private hospitals.

We are the first private program to be accredited before the Mexican Council for the Accreditation of Medical Education, A.C. (COMAEM).

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Competencies for success

Competitive advantages

Job Market


The ideal state of health consists of a balance between various factors that positively affect our existence. Some of them are known and controllable. Others are unknown and difficult to modify.

For an individual to know and maintain good health, the doctor must make this educational and care task his own, together with a human team that cares for people’s well-being.

The global skills that a medical professional must possess to care for people's health are:

  • Promote the health and well-being of the human being and his environment, emphasizing the timely prevention of disease.
  • Apply the best available scientific evidence to the approach and management of the patient.
  • Address the health problems of the human being, integrating the relevant information to establish the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation plan.

To achieve the above skills at the excellence level, at the TecSalud School of Medicine and Health Sciences we promote that the doctor in training is attentive to the advances in medical knowledge and technology and that they develop their ability to use a method of continuous self-study upon graduation.

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The final stage of your degree program is the year of Social Service. It is an academic and care phase in which we will now call you a medicine intern.

This year you will participate in the development of a rural community by putting into practice health-promoting educational medical actions, disease prevention, and healing and rehabilitation of the sick.

You will develop this activity by acting as a doctor responsible for the people and families of a population assigned by the Ministry of Health in the form of Social Service positions.

At the end of the year of Social Service, the Ministry of Health will give you a certificate of compliance that is essential to obtain your professional title of Physician, which will allow you to practice medicine in Mexico, or start your training in postgraduate programs such as Medical Specialties, Masters and Doctorates.

Competencies for success

Medical Care

You are able to care for your patients as a whole, showing empathy, efficiency, and serious commitment. You worry about preventing disease, and when this is unobtainable, about making timely diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, minimizing anguish and suffering.

You know when and how to ask for specialized medical help, and how to coordinate such help so that comprehensive care of the patient and his family is maintained.

Medical knowledge

You are able to demonstrate that you have a solid knowledge of basic biomedical, epidemiological, social, clinical, and behavioral sciences; both existing and emerging ones.


You can communicate and interact effectively with patients, their families, the community, and health professionals in multicultural and multidisciplinary environments, both orally and in writing.

Ethics, professionalism, and citizenship

You demonstrate a commitment to act with ethics, professionalism, social responsibility, and adherence to legality, with the primacy of the well-being of the patient and the community.

Self-direction and critical thinking  

You are able to obtain and generate information with the support of advanced technologies, critically incorporating these resources for the continuous improvement of your academic career and professional preparation.

Scientific reasoning and clinical judgment 

You demonstrate the ability to make quick, timely, and correct decisions aimed at helping a patient or a community medically, based on mastery of the scientific method and evidence-based knowledge.

Performance in health systems 

You can perform efficiently in national and international health systems, based on knowledge of their structures, norms, policies, and programs, emphasizing the quality of medical care and patient safety.

Competitive advantages

  • You will be able to treat patients from the fifth year of your degree program.
  • You will be able to do clinical rotations and take professional electives at prestigious universities around the world, thanks to the 27 international agreements we have on 4 continents.
  • You will study Propedeutics and Family Medicine in outpatient settings from the fifth semester, for which you will enter clinics and care for patients.
  • You will have the opportunity to carry out professional practice under supervision in the public (National Institutes and hospitals of the Ministry of Health) and private (Hospital San José, Hospital Zambrano Hellion, Centro Médico ABC, Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro, among others) sectors.
  • You will learn from inspiring and specialized teachers in various areas of the program.
  • You will be able to opt for the MD/PhD model by doing research summers in Houston.
  • Social service is a regulatory process of the Health Sector, in which for one year you must comply with social and community care work serving through medical practice and primary health intervention.
  • Your grade point average will allow you to choose among the places available to the School: the better your average, the more opportunities you will have to choose where you carry out your social service.
  • Our learning model is distinguished by two characteristics: problem-based learning, and the patient-centered model.
  • These characteristics, in addition to enabling multidisciplinary learning, distinguish us from standard teaching of other universities. It also makes it easier for the graduates of our School to continue their clinical professionalization through graduate medical specialties.
  • In this sense, we stand out as one of the three main universities in the country with the largest number of candidates who obtain a residence place at the chosen hospital and specialty program.

Job Market

A graduate with a Medical Doctor (MC – MD) degree from the TecSalud School of Medicine and Health Sciences provides health services to his community as a general practitioner with the highest international standards.

He has the necessary preparation to carry out graduate studies in the health area of his greatest interest, whether in Mexico or abroad, and is also prepared to carry out scientific research in the health area.

He will also be able to make a career as a teacher. His training allows him to work both in the public and private spheres, either independently in his office, or as part of a team in the health area.