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Our goal is to train excellent quality human resources for health.

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Why study in Guadalajara?

  • During the last year of your degree program, you can carry out International Internships, in leading universities and hospitals in the field.
  • “Academic Leaders" program. Each semester you will have the opportunity to interact with various specialists who are world, national and regional leaders in different areas of knowledge; who visit our campus to reinforce the training of our students and teachers. 
  • Participate in professional practice, in various hospitals around the country, from the first semesters.
  • Get ready to be among the first places in the National Medical Residency Exam, to enter a specialty, a distinction that our graduates have maintained for 7 years.

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The Health Building has four levels, plus a basement, in which classrooms for the Problem-Based Learning or PBL didactic model are distributed. There are about 12 laboratories, including genetics, tissue culture, microbiology, clinical engineering, bio-instrumentation, anthropometry, body composition, metabolism and exercise, dietetics, and food science.

It also has a Clinical Simulation Center equipped with an operating room, shock unit, labor and delivery area, as well as a clinical skills area. Additionally, there is an Anatomy Center equipped with a cadaver dissection unit and another one for digital dissection

Each space has the latest technology: giant desk-type iPads, for students to take class there and digitally inspect the body or clinical cases, in detail.

The laboratories also have the latest in science so that students acquire knowledge and teachers, with the collaboration of university students, carry out research.

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Academic offer


  • Medical Doctor
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Integral Well-being 
  • Bachelor’s in Biosciences 
  • Health Trajectories

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Social service 

The fundamental purpose of the social service requirement in medicine is to link the student with his real environment and give back to society, in the form of social action, what he received during his training.

It is a stage in which the interns must become aware of their educational level, reaffirm their knowledge, and more importantly, rethink the relationship between the doctor and health services, the community itself, and other members of the health team. 

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Medical Doctor Directory 

Director of the Medical Doctor Degree Program  Dr. Víctor García Navarro

Academic Consulting Mtro.Ricardo Javier Díaz Domínguez

Assistant to the Director of the Medical Doctor Degree Program   Lic. Mónica Urías Cruz m

Outreach School of Medicine and Health Sciences  Mtra. Rosario Sarahí Robledo Martínez